# Installation


machinable requires Python 3.6 or higher and does not support Python 2.

Install the latest stable version via pip (opens new window):

pip install machinable

machinable integrates with a number of optional packages. Ray (opens new window) enables seamless and efficient distributed execution. Results analysis may use pandas (opens new window), numpy (opens new window) and tabulate (opens new window). To install machinable with all optional dependencies type:

pip install machinable[all]

# For development

To test or develop new features you may want to install the latest package version from the repository.

Clone the source from the public code repository (opens new window) on GitHub and change into the machinable directory. Install the development dependencies:

pip install -r test-requirements.txt

Then symlink the package into the activated Python environment:

pip install -e .

To build the Vuepress (opens new window)-based documentation run:

vuepress dev docs

To develop the server, use

uvicorn machinable.server:server --reload --port 5000

If you plan to contribute please read the contribution guide